05 June 2014

Living In The Space Between

Last week the movers packed up the container
and took everything we own to the dock to be shipped out tomorrow

I admit I was a bit misty-eyed as the truck's doors were locked and secured
with homemade artwork and favorite acquired treasures inside

So many memories packed into one container!

the shipment is due to arrive the US port on the 4th of July

In advance
we had to power wash our bikes to remove all dirt
and rid of items that were raw, untreated wood
in order to pass successfully through US Customs

We are hoping for a speedy customs clearance 
so we can get our lives unpacked and settled in quickly

With our furniture gone,
we are living like university students once more

Using moving boxes as night stands
Two twin beds pushed together
Interior design magazines for ideas in our future home :)

For a few more weeks we'll use rental furniture
- 3 beds, 1 sofa, 1 table with chairs -

We sold all electrical items with UK plugs,
got rid of our light bulbs, 
purged liquids
(incl nail polish remover, cleaning supplies, liquid medicines),
and soon our cupboards will be bare

We'll do some creative cooking with the few ingredients we do have on hand

It has been a monumental clean out
performed previously just 4 years ago
It is exhausting but then somewhat liberating

For our last days in England
we will sleep in a hotel, and the pets will be in boarding

The house gets a required 3-day professional cleaning
before an inspector comes through with her check-list
(always a daunting day when she comes through)

Feels so strange...

Cheese in the frig will expire after I leave

Fliers announce events I cannot attend

Leaves grow on trees that I won't see fall this autumn

I will miss my beloved toadstool and conker season
Guy Fawkes Night too

Oddly, my calendar is empty from the next month on

Once we return to the US
we will attend events we aren't even aware of yet
and we'll fill the refrigerator with food once more

Thanksgiving will be celebrated traditionally once again

It's hard to stay in the moment
when the moment feels so unstable
- I'm neither here nor there -

missing my friends and my life here already
while excited to be reunited with friends & family back home
and set up our new life

This is the space between

- all photos my own -


Down by the sea said...

It will be sad to no longer see your posts on life in England from an American's perspective. It has been fascinating to pop by and read aabout the highlights of England which we so easily take for granted. Hope your last days are as good as the rest of your time here and you all settle back home quickly. I know from previous conversations before,a piece of you will also remain here! Sarah x

Cathy said...

All the best Laura as you move back to the US.

SandyShoes Cornwall said...

Gosh, I'll miss your posts but hopefully you'll introduce us to all that is special about America. I found out so much about my own country that I didn't know that it would be great to learn about yours, good luck. Antonia x

likeschocolate said...

Moving is always difficult even when it is wanted. Hang in there!

Iota said...

Ah, but you'll take your blogging friends with you. We're the mobile ones!

All the best with the move. Please keep blogging.

Mary Callan said...

It's the worst bit - the in between! wishing you well for your return!

Laura said...

I celebrate Bonfire Night every year in the States. We have fireworks, sit around the fire pit. I get irish bangers from Wholefoods (the closest thing to sausages from home), make bonfire toffee & mushy peas with mint sauce. My daughters love it and know that it's a tradition our family have brought over from England. There's no reason you can't start your own traditions in the US (even if the neighbours do think you're crazy for grilling in November). Safe travels. Lx

Liene said...

Our "in between" was extended for a couple of weeks when the French airlines went on strike... I actually grew to like it, I felt light and free, no plans, no pets and no place to be. Safe travels and see you on this side of the ocean!

He Who Loves an Old House said...

Onward to new adventures!

Always wear your tiara said...

ughh. I'm sorry this part just looks dreadful.

I'm heading bacl "home" on Saturday and can't wait and I have to say it's all rather worrying, now that you are moving back. who is going to give me my fix?

Linda Metcalf said...

If I were able to live in the UK...don't think I'd ever be able to leave.....It's a dream I have.

ann said...

I certainly have enjoyed your posts from the UK. They brought back fond memories and I think we shared a good experience. I do nope you keep up your blog in the new world because you will continue to seek out the fun and interesting in your new home. I hope your move is smooth and trouble free.

Melanie said...

I'm new to your blog...so obviously you are moving back to the States? Where will you be moving to? All the best to you...

Sissym Mascarenhas said...

Dear Laura,

Did not know you were coming, I wish you have a happy return!
I think that every change is a renewal of life, a new start, think you and your family will be very happy. Certainly, that's what I felt when reading your text, there is a little melancholy (So many memories packed into one container!), because lagged behind a bit of your life story.

I await your final move, I do not know whether to continue with this blog. Whatever you do, let me know because I'll be glad to continue reading your impressions of life.

ps: your dog is soooooo cute!


Jeanie said...

Hard to stay in the moment when the moment is so unstable.

Those are brilliant words with such a lot of depth. I wish you many fond farewells and safe travels. I hope you keep up your blog -- it delights me and it will delight me no matter where you live! Please post a link once you settle!

Onward. With tears, with anticipation.

Tina in CT said...

I wish I had found your blogs years ago as I enjoy every bit of it.

Are you moving back to the area you came from? Are you saying which area of the US you are moving to?

I hope you will keep blogging.

My daughter is in the midst of end of school term (she is a teacher), sorting, purging and packing as she leaves Moscow after 10 years and is moving to LONDON. I can't wait to vist at the end of the summer. Her blog is American Girls in Moscow.

Enjoy your last days in England and hope the move goes smoothly.

Denise said...

Laura, this is such a touching post. What an amazing adventure you've had and what stories you'll have (and your children as well) to tell your grandchildren. As a fellow American who visited England briefly, I have so enjoyed following your blog posts and reading about your experiences while living there. I sincerely hope you'll continue to blog when you return home to the U.S.

I wish you the best of luck with your move and with settling back in here. Please keep in touch, okay?

Big Hugs,

Denise at Forest Manor

Kathy the Teawife said...

Wishing you the very very best in your relocation . . . and I especially hope the inspection goes smoothly! The management companies love holding deposits hostage for the littlest things.

I've been repatriated in the U.S. (Colorado) for a year (returning last July Fourth). It is a process. I do miss my little Hillside home in Surrey, England. Having your family with you will help. My son remained in England to attend university and my hubby is still working abroad in Moscow and 'commuting' to the U.S.

I'm sure your blog will continue on strong, but just in a different kind of way. I will look forward to reading about your transition. Best wishes, Kathy the Teawife

RachelM said...

i'll miss your posts from england....i have thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through your blog! :) good luck to you with all the good stuff that awaits back here in the US.


That is a BIG space in between moves. Praying for a smooth transition for your sweet family.


The Plaid Pig said...

This just made me very teary eyed.