28 January 2014

Meet Me at The Moksi Homes

This week I am writing as a guest blogger
for my friend, Maureen

Her fantastic new blog, The Moksi Homes,
 focuses on experiences and homes of expat women

Maureen and I have been virtual friends since my blogging beginning

She's a Dutch mom living in Dubai,
and the third person I know who was born in Suriname :)
She is such a delight and full of positive energy

When Maureen asked me to write about 
what it was like to make an international move, I jumped on it

I don't think I've written about it on my blog

It's a positive post (you know me), 
but I'll tell you, that move was one of my most overwhelming moments

I hope to see you over at The Moksi Homes


Denise said...

Hi Laura,

I read your guest post at Maureen's blog and thoroughly enjoyed it! I left a comment there, as well. Maureen seems like such a nice person with a sunny disposition. :) Congratulations for being featured on her blog and have a great day!


Denise at Forest Manor

Happy Homemaker UK said...

thanks, Denise! I think Maureen's new blog fits a new niche - thanks for popping back and forth :)

Tammy said...

Hi Laura, just came from reading your post. I used to visit here but somehow got sidetracked. You know how that goes. It was nice to read your story. Love that Maureen! Best wishes, Tammy

Noelle the dreamer said...

Well I stopped by Laura and very much enjoyed your thoughts on moving to a totally different culture (and yes, having done just the opposite, I say DIFFERENT!)
None the less, husband and children loved it and I seem to be hanging in there betwixt Home and home. It helped that both husband and I have different nationalities, faith and so on...Somehow we became even closer which is something after 40 years of marriage!
Still homesick though...more so around Spring since that's when we go 'Home' usually...Not this year though...You get caught in between here and there, trust me!
So I visit blogs such as yours and just delight in the great snapshots! Thanks for that!!

Queen Victoria said...

Hi Laura, I read your post on Maureen Blog and I can see myself in it. I just moved from Italy to the UK, Surrey area, and I have a son of 1 year.

I have the same doubts that you had.. and this is nice as I can see that I am not the only one!

I am still discovering how the school system works, differences between private or public schools, NHS, driving, supermarkets... everything!
keep in touch

Shirley Ann Vels said...

Hello Laura. Great post - I had to have a giggle about the toilet paper and foil though - I thought you could get that world wide LOL.

I'm a South African living in England. We emigrated in January 2011 and loving it so far :o) We homeschool so didn't have the school issue but certainly learned ALLOT in our first year here!

Looking forward to reading more :o)

Pura Vida said...

popping over