18 October 2010

I {Swoon} For Retro Wallpaper

Posted by Happy Homemaker UK

Loving this vibrant smattering of vintage wallpapers, I am inspired!! 

Can I have a playdate in this delightful space? 

Danish company, Retrovilla.dk
I love the green stove burners and cut out elephant - so creative

Check out these handmade vintage wallpaper finds on Etsy.com
Can you tell I also have a thing for ochre florals? Pea-green too

Buy from the artist
 1. Draw Flowers  2. Barking Maddison    3. Mooza   

Am I the only one who goes to a store and puts things in my basket for a few minutes, happy to have 'owned' them for just a moment? 
I feel that now :)

Have a happy, inspired week!

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Laura said...

Love the handmade wallpaper bits and bobs.. Very Liberty! The kitchen in the first shot is very kitsch and fun, but I reackon it would jar a bit on days when I have a fuzzy head ;-) It would definitely hide my daughters scribbles though... she has taken to crayoning on the walls at the moment... I love it when I walk in a room and find her new creation :-( Hope you're having a great day! Lx

Suzi of the Stars said...

I love the boldness of your examples! Thanks for including my gift tags.

ladyliberty said...

Absolutely love those little men and women shapes. I want to put them on our bathroom door! So cute!

Privet and Holly said...

I love seeing
an interior where
the owner isn't
afraid to hold
back but boldly
decorates in a
way that says
THIS makes me
happy! Love your
shopping "list,"
too ~ great finds!
xx Suzanne

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Wow! Great colors and patterns.

Thank you for coming to visit me.

Upon your recommendation I tried out Picnik...I did a little something with a spooky tree that I am going to post later this week. You are right; it's lots of fun! thanks for encourage us to use it.(-:

Frau S said...

Is that a real interior? It looks like a dollhouse. Adorable!

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

Frau S, Good eye! I do think it is in a playhouse ;)

XO Laura

Happy Homemaker UK | Laura said...

La Vie, So glad you gave Picnik a try ;) Can't wait to see your photos!

XO Laura

Cookie Cutter said...

Love the vibrant colours! I love buying pretty little things without actually knowing what I'll be doing with them. Haha!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog :)

Mariella said...

I love these...and by the way, you're not the only one to grab things just for a few minutes, no no...;-)

Raine and Sage said...

Glad you found me. I like you too and can tell we'll be good friends. Love your stuff & look forward to learning more about you. Sonia x

Abby said...

I love those stove burners - such a cute idea!